Only the highest quality components and materials are used in our production!!!
The SNAY'CON cw roller conveyors are manufactured using ERW welded tubes
as per DIN 2394 and quality roller ends. The rollers and the bearings (roller ends) are
made of galvanized steel.
• Uninterruptable and efficient operation,
• Transportation of goods in limited spaces,
• Saving of storage space after the operation,
• Low investment cost,
• Flexibility and rapidity,
Capacity and Speed :
• Up to 30 kg unit weight carrying capacity,
• 30 kg per meter loading capacity
• 20-22 m/minute transportation speed.
Technical Features :
• Driven rollers,
• Side-flexing (snake-type) operation, even a full circular placement if required
• Modular system : Individual units are connectable to each other.
• Extendable (changeable length structure .extends to three times the compressed shortest length),
Optional Features:
• Frequency controlled speed adjustment INV
• With optical sensors at the ends of the conveyor, FC.
How to select the proper SNAY'CON roller conveyor ?
SNAY'CON is manufactured in two effective widths. 400mm and 600 mm. SNAY'CON rollerconveyors can be ordered in three different elevation categories each of which are adjustable +/- 75mm. Tehe various available langth options are shown on the charts.
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